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Rich Juhn

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Sax virtuoso Rich Juhn has been playing since the 1960s in many successful bands. He was co-founder of The New Breed, a soul band that opened for many famous acts, Night Moves of Cayahoga Falls, Class of '57 and Goldie Rox. He is also accomplished on keyboards, harmonica and vocals.

Lori Juhn

Salem, OH

Began her career in the 80's with a band called "Windjammer" out of Steubenville, OH. Later she joined well-known Doo-Wop band "Class of '57" that once opened for the "Drifters." In the 90's she was a central figure in long running band "GoldieRox."  In addition to her powerful lead vocals, she is accomplished on Keyboards and sax.

Michael DiMuccio

New Castle, PA

Michael is an accomplished drummer, pianist and vocalist. After touring the country as a professional musician, he has returned to his roots in his hometown of New Castle, PA. Starting out with his local buddies playing hard rock he joined "The Omegas," a Motown show band. Taking a year off from high school he joined "The Original Buck Ram Platters" and went on a tour of the East Coast. After High School Mike crossed the country on the Lounge Circuit playing in multiple combos. His band, "Melanie" performed at the famous Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas on extended stay. As A pianist he was featured in some of the finest dining venues from Chicago to Myrtle Beach.

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Paul Geminani

Guitar and Vocals

Paul is from New Castle, PA and has played in several great bands like the Omega's, Brotherhood and Busting Loose.

Gary Hill

New Castle, PA

The founder of Manhattan and is the bassist and Vocalist. He has been in the music business since the 60's when he was vocalist and guitar player in "The Graduates." In the 90's he founded "Silhouettes," spent several years in an 8 piece Soul Band called Legacy, and enjoyed a brief stint with Youngstown dance band "Hot Item." Convinced that harmony and dance rhythem was the ticket to entertainment he was instrumental in founding Manhattan 

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