Apr 11      Sons of Italy, New Castle, PA
May 1       Rolling Mills, Girard, OH
May 16     Private Party, New Springfield, OH
May 30     Holiday Camplands, Andover, OH
June 13    Salem Car Cruise, Salem, OH
June 26    Swiss Chalet, Geveva-on-the-Lake, OH
June 27    Swiss Chalet, Geveva-on-the-Lake, OH
July 11       Garlic Party, Hubbard, OH
July 24      Swiss Chalet, Geveva-on-the-Lake, OH
July 25      Swiss Chalet, Geveva-on-the-Lake, OH
Aug 1         Winery at Spring Hill, Geneva, OH
Aug 7         Class Reunion, Salem, OH
Aug 8         Class Reunion, Geneva, OH
Aug 9         St. Jude Festival, Columbiana, OH
Aug 22       Private Party, Darlington, PA
Aug 23       Pearson Park Concert, New Castle, PA
Aug 30       Car Cruise, Riverwalk, New Caslte, PA
Sep 11        Rolling Mills, Girard, OH
Sep 19        Vacationland Campgrounds, 
                    Sandy Lake, PA


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